by Elbowache

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released March 4, 2016

Everything by Tom Donohue with the exception of the robot sculptures on the front and back covers by Justin Totora.



all rights reserved


Elbowache New Jersey

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Track Name: Now Let's Start The Show
I can’t write this song
Cause I’ve wrote it all before
I can’t use these chords
Cause I used them once before
The spring of 2014
I bat them round like so much yarn
So many changes
Stupid Changes
Here’s Another
Still it’s nice to know
If I can’t get it right
I can just revert to type
No matter how many times
I can revert to type
I am reverting to type
I am reverting to type
Now let’s start the show
Track Name: The Future
Yes I can see you
Around the bend
We’ll be together
But not just yet
Down at the courthouse
Out on the steps
With freaky people
It’s a protest, but
Don’t expect me
to blow up my
just yet
This agro-culture
Is making me say
No thanks, I’m good
To the Future
Move to the country
Buy some pets
Maybe a moo cow
With no regrets
We’ll use that bovine
To make some steaks
To feed our children
Yeah, We’ll have eight
Don’t expect me
To blow up my life
Just yet
If I gave you my June
Could you pencil me in
For a big fraction of your time
Have some primordial chaos
Let into your life
Think the plan is
Maybe Kansas
Don’t have to get it right
Just yet
For the Future
Track Name: You Superstorm You
A year ago when you blew into town
You plucked our ostrich head
Right from the ground
You drank the lion share
Out of our thirty rack
You stole our mascot
And we want him back
And year or two
Then you packed your bags
Up to the West coast
Where it’s less of a drag
You whipped up expectations
In a whippets storm
And took that synergy with you
A month or two to say
You’re not that bad
You spiked the punch
And tried to fuck our dads
You knew we would forgive you
But I can’t sing your praises
Loud enough
So in the morning
When we clean your crap
And call up Con Ed
Get our power back
Just know we won’t be lonely
No we won’t be lonely
Track Name: Friendly Warning
I tried to warn you
Not to go
There’s nothing for you
Down below
It’s nothing you’d wish for
But man can hope
If I told you
That I told you so
And did again
One thousand times
I don’t suppose
You’d have the where-with-all
To change your mind
I hate to see you
Lying so low
On Sunday morning
Over tea
Talk of the future
What it could be
Do it together
Figure it out
If I told you
That the Nile
Was a river
Could you build a raft
And float with me
Down to the Northern Shores
Where we could use the sand
To build a castle was around our dreams
Told you not
To wait for me
To tell you not to
Be so hasty
Track Name: Perfect World
Too much is made of progress
Too much is made of tradition
Not enough is said for survival
But is this perfect world
Who cares
I don’t
In this perfect world
Who cares
Too much is put on science
Too much is made of religion
Too few critters
Have a birthday
But in our perfect world
Who cares
In our perfect world
Who cares
Track Name: Cosmic Gardener
Say a sacred night
From on high
Say it all looks great
From a plane
The highway river rolls away
And if you’re one to complain
Then say
When You’re looking through
Such cynical eyes
It really shouldn’t
Come as any surprise
Pace the room
Try to figure out whether
Tell your folks
That your leaving forever
If you’re jetting to that heliopause
I will not be coming with you because
Some one has got
To get these seeds sown
And save them up
For my annual breakdown
Cause it all looks wrong
For the throng
And there’s naught so bleak
As your tweens
Your teens your twenties
I can tell
And if you’d just wait a week
That’s one less
The meanest street’s forever just the one
You are on
The Greenest pastures sing their siren song
From Beyond
But it would be the same
Just be a different reign
Those drops do not care
On whose heads
They fall on
il faut cultiver notre jardon
Give my best to the
Department of State
Hit me up if when you repatriate
If well I guess I’ll just see’ya
Come to visit
If they grant me a visa
As for me I’ll keep my hands in the dirt
Pick some elderberries up
for dessert
I’d make a pie
but I can’t find a strainer
Just eat them up
And they’ll never taste greater
Track Name: It Is All Even
The quiet girl who was already pretty
Got a new haircut
And everybody is loosing their shit
She cut her bangs just like when she was little
She is disappointed
Didn’t have the desired effect
The male attention is already bothersome
She does not like it
It was not her intention at all
Cause she knows
It was a vain attempt to
Get back to a feeling
She had when she was nine
And though her life is reeling
It overwhelms her mind
An innocent emotion
Just sitting in the dark
And bobbing in the ocean
Just waiting for a shark
Now she’s twenty
She’s already looking
Got a ring on her finger
Her Mother breaks into a dance
Her father tells her
Don’t be too hasty
Don’t be too hasty
You know there are plenty of men
Oh, spare me
How will they be different
How will they be different
How can I tell on from another
Cause to her
Es ist Alles Eben
An enormous pressure
Bares down upon her chest
She’s lived all of her lifetime
Does she have to live the rest
She has a little Geuro
She keeps it by her side
It she ever feels it’s safe enough
She’ll let her rip outside
She’s twenty-nine
She’s already tenured
Got a new boyfriend
And everything is going to shit
Said hello during office hours
She remembers dancing
And picnics in the park
Such elegant romancing
But that’s how these things start
He cannot compete yet
The economy’s gone south
That job at Northrup Grumman
Just to keep food in their mouthes.