Apocalyptic Spring

by Elbowache

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Traumatic events tend to send one back to their foundational doctrines. This past election was surely traumatic, and for my dear friend Justin Totora, there are few doctrines more foundational than The Clash. The election also sent me back to one of my foundations: Punk. It also filled my blood with venom that needed letting. A thought in the zeitgeist was a temporary moratorium on love songs. Thus, I set aside my personal baggage and spewed forth some of the most political material I could; trying to free the poison in my veins. Justin's love of The Clash manifested itself as him trying to cut down !Sandinista! from a triple record to a single record. I patiently listened to his process and was often shocked by what he chose to cut. But a unifying theme on what he decided to keep was second person lyrics. Words that told the listener what was what, and what to do. No abstract story telling. No personal narratives. Just the truth as they saw it- told to the listener directly. That along with The Clash's disregard for genre constraints informed the spirit of this EP. So here, channeled best as I can, are my feelings about these insane times. Mirth, disbelief, disillusionment, wonder, encouragement, gall, disappointment, needling instigation. Hear it. From me to you. Throw a brick. Everything is broken. Be the new leaders. Live for now. Make tomorrow yourself, dammit!

I threw these four together to get them out of my way. To express my intense feelings, then, if I can, move on. They aren't hap hazard, but they ain't polished neither. They're cheap and quick, and for now. For this Spring, cause it's a beautiful Spring, and it might be our last.



released May 31, 2017

This whole damn thing by Elbowache



all rights reserved


Elbowache New Jersey

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Track Name: Apocalyptic Spring
I do not have time for fits
Not now it’s apocalypse
Get your money from the bank
Buy us all another drink

I don’t care about a thing
It’s not gonna ruin my
Apocalyptic spring

So how’ya feeling
How are you this evening
Yes, but how are you really feeling
(outta sight)

Don’t care ‘bout atomic bombs
They’ve got my favorite record on
Question: are you feeling it
Answer: have another hit

I don’t care about the news
It’s not gonna cure my apocalyptic blues
Sing my apocalyptic tune
Fits perfect with this apocalyptic

Get your dumb ass from your job
With my permission cause you’re the boss
Empty that four-hundred K
And join this holi-end-of-days

So sad that this world must end
Never mind let’s just be friends
Sun is cold but the weather’s fine
Let’s party til the end of time

I don’t care about a thing
It’s not gonna ruin my apocalyptic spring
Spend my apocalypse with you
Nothing’s gonna ruin my
Track Name: Rock Is Dead
Punk rock is dead
It died when I was born
Me and five billion of my friends

Art rock is dead
It died when it got boring
Imagine such a grizzly end

New wave is dead
It died when it got old
Just like everything else in the world

But who will save us now

Indie is dead
Not sure it ever existed
Just ask five billion of my friends
Just ask ten billion of my friends
Just ask twelve billion of my friends
Just ask ten million of my friends

But who will save us now

Well why not you

World order is dead
Bolshoy Brad don’t bother me none
He’s heard everything I have said

America’s dead
The reasons are obvious
And here they are kicking in my head
And here they are kicking in my head
Track Name: Marching Orders
Such blameless snoozers
Having Martin Luther’s dream
Yeah in beds so comfy
Pull their collars while they sleep

Slumber with the cowards once you’re dead
Summer soldier
Yes you
Your Marching orders
Stand to

Of the countless millions
Of the social justice league
Oh how they seem content to
Watch the riots on TV

Join us or we’ll start to think it was you

Summer soldier
Yes you
Your Marching Orders
Stand to

I don’t know why
I only write
Checks that my ass can’t cash
If we try
At least we tried
That’s more than all of them

You move ten miles
The bloated market’s full of jobs
Soon you won’t remember
What the problem even was
Track Name: LIfe Is Canceled Today
Life is canceled today
Everybody go home
You couldn’t leave well enough alone
See this is why we can’t have nice things

There’s pepper spray all over
The police siren nearly broke my ear
Life is canceled today
Everybody go home

Love is canceled today
Everybody go home
Don’t wanna hear no songs or no poems
You had your chance and now you’ll die alone
You’re covered in body glitter
You couldn’t leave your step sister alone
Love is canceled today
Everybody go home

Though I hate being the bad guy
You leave me no choice
You know it brings me no joy

Today is canceled everybody go home
The clocks are stuck so find a new time zone
You can live in the past
But you can’t stay here

Just took your fourth dimension away
Fuck you and did I mention that
Life is canceled today
Everybody go home